Weekly Watchlist

Markets look prime to rally into year end. A little over a month ago, we discussed the possibility of the market chopping around into December expiry, then moving higher into year end. With today’s big rally, I’m now certain of it.

December expiry was bittersweet. I had a good number of positions expire worthless, but am thrilled that our move into Marijuana stocks two months back helped to offset some losses. This week, I took on a few more Crypto stock plays, which have been starting to really move lately.

I also have a list of stocks I fancy going into next month, which you can find here.

The last few weeks I’ve been outlining my market predictions and forecasts for 2018. I’m getting really excited for the New Year, and in terms of how we analyze stocks, we’re going to adapt to a rotational/top down style of analysis during our midday discussions. This won’t change how we find great setups, but from what I’ve gathered, I think it will make a tremendous difference in the timing of big group/sector swings.

We’ve got a good week setting up starting Monday, so enjoy the weekend and be ready and refreshed for some great moves next week.