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Establishing the Groundwork
It’s important to address expectations, set goals, and develop the mindset of a trader before entering the market. In this introduction, we address these key elements to better prepare you for the journey ahead

Developing a Trade Plan [ Members Only ] If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Many new traders struggle to find success in the market due to the lack of a sound trading plan. In this chapter, we provide an outline and ideas to get started.

Money Management [ Members Only ] The “Holy Grail” in trading is not found in a special tool or methodology. What most successful traders have in common is their ability to mitigate risk and manage their money properly. In this chapter, we teach you these principles.

Trading Basics & Mechanics [ Members Only ] For a trader just starting out, its important to learn some very basic components, such as order entry, reading price quotes, and submitting trades. Use this as a resource to help you get started!

Establishing a Routine [ Members Only ] Traders are always looking for more effective ways to manage their time and prep work. In this chapter, we provide ideas to reduce your time commitment, yet maximize your analysis results.

Searching for Stocks [ Members Only ] Are you curious how we have high performance trading set-ups every day of the week? In this chapter we’ll discuss how to build searches, how often to run them, and what exactly you should be looking for when you search for stocks.

Using Stop Loss Orders [ Members Only ] In this chapter we take stop orders into specific detail, to illustrate how they can help to manage your portfolio against losses, as well as position size each of your trades. This section is a must for those looking for risk management tips.

Trading Price Patterns [ Members Only ] Price patterns play a critical role in the stock selection process here at Trading Addicts. Learn more about how we identify, trade, and profit from many individual price patterns.

The Anatomy of Trading Breakouts [ Members Only ] Here at Trading Addicts, breakout trading is a staple in our day-to-day approach. In this chapter we’ll tell you how to manage this high performance trading technique to maximize trading gains while minimizing trading losses.

Market Sentiment Indicators [ Members Only ] Market sentiment is a critical point of a trader’s overall analysis. In many situations, its not always the technicals or fundamentals that matter; market sentiment is king. In this chapter we review a few indicators that gauge sentiment.


Introduction to Options [ Members Only ] If you are new to options trading, this chapter will help prepare you to become an option trader. Learn more about the basic components of options to get the most out of your trades.

Individual Option Analysis [ Members Only ] It’s important to know how an option will act once you’ve traded it. In this chapter, we provide ideas to quickly determine which option is most appropriate to trade.

The Process of Buying Options [ Members Only ] Option buying plays an important role in the Trading Addicts trading methodology. In this chapter, learn how we quickly determine the best course of action for every option purchase.

Understanding Option Greeks [ Members Only ] Option pricing is a complex topic. In this chapter we break down all the elements of an option premium, and each option greek and what it measures. This is a must read for option traders!

Understanding Option Volatility [ Members Only ] Most option traders will agree that implied volatility is the most critical component in an option trade. Learn more about this pricing element, and more importantly, how to use it to your advantage.

Covered Calls and Naked Puts [ Members Only ] Covered calls and selling naked puts are a great starting point in an option selling approach. In this chapter, we provide a great tutorial on these strategies as well as pointers for developing a successful approach using them.

Understanding Vertical Spreads [ Members Only ] Vertical spreads is a gateway strategy to learn the basics of all option selling strategies. While many new traders are reluctant to make the move into more complex strategies, we help to break this one down into an easy to understand format.

Calendar and Diagonal Spreads [ Members Only ] The Calendar and Diagonal spread are unique in that they can allow a trader to collect premium, and still profit from a direction bias with unlimited gain potential. In this chapter we’ll provide some pointers on this strategy – it’s a favorite!

Straddles and Strangles [ Members Only ] Straddles and strangles are a popular strategy when you are anticipating a large move in price, but are unsure of direction. In this tutorial, we’ll help you increase the odds of success with this trading strategy for big gains.

Butterfly and Condor Spreads [ Members Only ] In this chapter we break down these multi-leg option strategies into an easy to understand tutorial. Option sellers will instantly fall in love with these strategies as they help a trader collect premium in multiple positions simultaneously.TECHNICAL & MARKET ANALYSIS


Technical Analysis Part I [ Members Only ]Technical Analysis is essential for determining entries, exits, risks and rewards. We cover some basic ground in this chapter, providing a good foundation for building a trading system.

Technical Analysis Part II [ Members Only ] In this chapter we take the topic of Technical Analysis a step further, reviewing various tools and indicators, to help you determine which tools will be most effective in your trading system.

Overall Market Analysis [ Members Only ] Most stock and option traders try to avoid swimming against the current which is the broad market. Not only do we help you determine how to forecast the market, but we also teach you how to gauge the markets appetite for risk.

Top Down & Sector Analysis [ Members Only ] At any given point in the market cycle, there will be sectors and industry groups that outperform. In this chapter, learn how you can quickly determine which sectors will provide the best opportunities for your stock selection process.