I took a short leave of absence from the blogosphere – and it was everything I thought it would be.

I started blogging about 12 years ago. I built up a nice little corner of the internet where I could discuss ideas, make predictions and accusations, and help others become better at trading. I miss that part of it and have opted to make blogging great again by posting my thoughts here throughout the week.

I made some major life changes over the last year – been through hell and back. I’ve grown more as a person and a trader in the last year than I have in my career. I’ve learned new things, and can articulate better about what you need to know and apply in this game to be better at it.

Like I’ve always said…“I can be a friend to you.”

Don’t Miss This Video

In this video recorded yesterday, I go deep. The reason I post this, is it’s a good refresher of cause and reasoning as to why I thought the market would end up as it is and how things are evolving around it.

I also touch on various other items – so you can get a little analysis around a few different topics.

Let’s discuss – leave your comments

Looking forward to re-establishing blogging as part of my routine and conversing with you in the comments again. Drop a comment below.