Back in my accumulation mode of 2015-2016 I happened across $LABU. I picked up a decent sized stock position at a basis of just over $6. After a lot of time gone by, a 1:4 reverse split, and a whole lot of nothing to show for it, the ETF is finally breaking out.

I still own some $PBYI, $ONCE, $GBT as well as some recent $MNK and $GILD calls (this morning).

Like any biotech rally, I’m sure it fizzles and turns to shit like all else…but the action in all these stocks on weekly charts looks like an initiative move. In other words, the start of something rather than the end.

Time will tell. Got any bio on?


Back from Boot Camp, ready and refreshed to tackle shitty summer market action.

Prior to my blogging hiatus, I spoke of the rotation that took place after the Comey testimony. While some felt I was being too jumpy, I noticed that while most said the outcome was “a bunch of nothing” I noticed that FANG stocks as well as the rest of the market favorites were sold off while energy, materials and retail stocks caught a big bid – in the exact same way that they did at the election. Nothing permanent, but clearly some profit taking to send capital back at the Trump trade as his odds of impeachment contracted a bit from their mid-May spike.

It’s important to recall, those market darlings were of the few/only stocks that went lower and nowhere for months following the election…while small caps, banks, infrastructure, materials and energy all ripped for 2-3 months on average.

The action in FANG looks like the start of a range again. It was interesting to see the crowd excited to buy the dip on the first few occasions, then get bearish on Friday after getting no love on the long side last week.

Should you choose to buy these, please use your strategic senses…don’t chase.

Thrilled to see risk on, but not thrilled to be painted into today’s prices. Thanks anyway.


Today started out ok. My second largest IRA holding (behind #fuckingfslr) is $BABA. I bought weekly calls in $BIDU to kick off the week, and I froze at the open. I missed a monster sell.

I did manage to book a quick gain in my $JD buy from Tuesday, and just added calls in $WB and $SINA. I’m obsessed in this space and have been for most of the year.

I’m otherwise heartbroken today. I’m trading like a total vag.

I like $CMG and $MULE here.

What was your worst move of the day/week?


Stops were hit. Testicles exploded. Orifices bled.

Yeah, felling pretty good about that shit.

Stopped on my first /CL long at breakeven, then bought again and stopped for a loss.

My Sanchez buy from yesterday is now behind me, giving me a Sanchez as we speak.

Fuck you for laughing.


I don’t want to jump a gun here, but I am hoping this late sell off in tech is the selling of FANG to finance the purchase of some ‘cheap as shit’ oil and materials stocks.

Mostly, I’ve been rooting for these indestructible stocks to crater and crush the late chasers. But then again, they’re probably a buy here.

I bought some /CL y’day and almost stopped at breakeven today for no good reason. In After Hours with Option Addict we discussed that this would be “the oil week.”

I added some $SN today and am still shopping for others. We’ll discuss oil set-ups after the close.



There’s going to be very little worth doing in the next 1-2 months, but we’ll plow through it anyway.

The only thing that intrigues me about summer months is that speed grinds to a halt…and when this happens, time premiums get cheap.

I’m compiling a list of longer term oriented ideas to use for this strategy/opportunity.

Thus far, I have $F, $KBR, $WDR, $USG, $COF. I want to get about 15-20 of my favorite set-ups together, then I’ll narrow them down for some purchases later this month. The five or so names that I come up with will be some of the ideas discussed at Boot Camp later this month.

If you have any intermediate to long term ideas out there, feel free to share.



We’re far enough along in this rally that people are gravitating solely towards riskier instruments.

Take a look at these charts…

Growth stocks are in a full blown uptrend and value stocks are in a downtrend.

Is this the stage where you look at your portfolio and decouple from old man stocks?

Maybe you sell some $MO for some $MOMO? Some $DD for $DDD?


It’s fair to say that in this leg of our beloved bull market, not many took advantage of prices offered in late 2015 – early 2016. Even when the headlines of January 2016 were “sell everything” and “worst start for markets in history” people wanted very little to do with fire sale prices.


Even while the market trended mostly uninterrupted in 2016, the attitude was “fuck it, it’s rigged anyway.” Supposing that’s true, it’s a compelling argument to not participate in a market that only goes higher because you have a good conscience.


So now that the angle of this trend is steepening, it represents a shift. In the rear view, it’s safe to say that late 2015 and early 2016 was an accumulation phase. That phase leads into public participation phase. That phase takes awhile to take those that chose market abstinence and condition them towards impregnating every single stock that offered a downtick…sorta like I’ve been doing over here for years now.

With the stories of $AMZN, Bitcoins, $TSLA, $FANG’s…etc there are more reasons for folks to step out into the unknown and donate their money to market. This phase takes time, and it’s a very strong current that can lack rational movements, decisions and defy odds. It’s important to remember that while all this action is so very tempting, the exit is always smallest at the slightest sign of change.

Moving forward, I still like the idea of using market sentiment metrics to determine where things overheat. It’s quite likely that this might be hard to gauge, since there will be things we haven’t seen a whole lot in decades.

Enjoy the ease and simplicity, but try to think above the crowd level. Environments like late 2015-early 2016 don’t give me anxiety, because nobody wants to buy. However, these environments give me lots of anxiety. I hate it when more and more people want a piece of the action.

Good day.


Let’s play a game of Turd Roulette. I’ll kick off a focus group this week for those like myself, with nothing better to do.

Here are my top few findings so far from my trash bin search…






I’m starting with a round of poo, before I go total shit list.

What’s your best idea here given the genre?


Mid-May is where I like to adjust my approach to sniff out the shittiest stocks I can find and use them to fund my summer activities.

Today, I am starting with $KNDI, which is right in line with my China theme, and is on the cusp of breaking out.

Over the next few months, when you see some tickers that instantly make you want to vomit, you’ll know why I’m pursuing this as a strategy.

Bon Appétit.

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