I’ve returned from a weekend long journey to find a market that wants to explore higher prices. The chart we last reviewed on the Nasdaq held right where it should and that’s an important reference point moving forward.

I loaded up with some positions last week, as discussed…and am simply waiting for things to play out. It wouldn’t surprise me to slip into a grind here going into year end. Should that be the case, start observing top/bottom performers each day to look for correlations and patterns. That’s where themes will start to emerge for the monthly rotations we’ll be playing. Most of which we’ll highlight on next weeks Boot Camp.

Last week in After Hours with Option Addict, we did a retail top down…and I am really starting to like some of the charts that we focused on. I’m going to take a swing at 1-2 names this week. Got any names in that space you feel strongly about?

Also, After Hours with Option Addict members…I hate to do this, but we need to meet a little later than usual today. I need to push back one hour from 4:30 to 5:30 ET. We’re going to cover this weeks watchlist.


Here’s another look at the NASDAQ set-up I’ve been posting.


Right now prices have moved to the middle, and have slowed their decline. Should the middle give way, see you back at the lows.

After Hours with Option Addict participants, I need to start today’s meeting an hour later than usual. See you at 5:30 PM ET. Sorry for the inconvenience.


I bought Pre-Christmas calls on the Apple, with a striking price of 112.

More later,




Yesterday I bought into $CMG, $TWLO, $CMCM calls and $DRYS stock. I also booked nearly 600% in both $FCX and $WYNN calls each.

Today, I bought some $AMZN calls and the NQ (4822).

In After Hours with Option Addict last night, we talked about how a lot of tech names are showing bottoming patterns over the last 20-30 days….while the indices are elevated. Today’s drop came on very benign breadth. No extremes today, or this week for that matter.

This still seems to be a stock versus market story. I’m still placing my bets til mid-December.

BOOT CAMP Cometh as well. Don’t forget. Get a fucking seat already. Epic analysis and ideas for less than what you pay to get drunk in a month.


The Nasdaq is setting up in a fairly big broadening formation here. It also is taking on the relative strength today. Tech was mostly ignored post election, but now has started to take on a positive divergence against recent top performing groups/sectors.


The good news is, these patterns have all led to upside breakouts in the last three years. Considering this year that everyone raised cash and are now forced to buy back in…seems up is still the most painful way to go.

The best part of this, is that the breakout leads to slow grind. Those are the conditions I outperform in.

Timing couldn’t be better for a Boot Camp. Just saying.


Best deal on the web right now is a ticket to iBC Q4 Boot Camp. We start Monday so don’t delay on getting yourself a seat for this years grand finale. Content is locked and loaded. You won’t be disappointed.

As a consumer, I am considering upgrading some computer equipment. I found this: Acer 35″ Curved HD Monitor for $499. I couldn’t find that less than $899 anywhere else.

You guys have any other deals out there in this category? I’m looking to upgrade some things, might as well start while it’s cheap.


David Stockman’s infamous “Sell Everything” call back in early November was another classic 2016 scrapbook entry in my collection of dogshit analysis from experts and pundits this year. However, he came out to defend his call citing “Sucker’s Rally” and urges listeners to sell everything yet again.

“This 5 percent eruption is meaningless. It’s some robo machine trying to tag new highs,” Stockman said Tuesday on CNBC’s “Fast Money,” in a dismissal of the S&P 500 rally.

“I see a recession coming down the pike in 2017. The stock market is going to go down and it’s going to stay down long and hard because, for the first time in 25 years, there’s nothing to bail it out.”

This echoed the initial call Stockman made Nov. 3, when he urged investors to sell stocks and bonds before the presidential election.

However, since the Nov. 8 election, the Dow Jones industrial average has gained 4 percent en route to surpassing 19,000. Additionally, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq also hit record highs in the same time period, gaining 3 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

Yet Stockman, who was director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, reaffirmed that markets are heading for disaster.

“My call stands. Sell the stocks, sell the bonds, get out of the casino,” Stockman explained to CNBC in an off-camera interview. “Bonds have already cratered by nearly $2 trillion worldwide and have miles to go. This isn’t a rotation into stocks, either. It’s the greatest sucker’s rally ever.”

I bought $TEAM calls and going after $GOOGL at $770.

In closing, I’m mostly thankful to those of you who still drop in to read my nonsense and contribute to the cause. Enjoy the time with family and I’ll see you on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving.


I’ve made my bets this morning for this seasonally bullish week. I sold some $AAPL calls and picked up $YY, $DATA and $TSLA calls. Really tempted to take $ACIA as well.

For the week, I figure we’ll meet today and tomorrow for After Hours with Option Addict. After that, let’s celebrate market greatness by leaving each other alone for the remainder of the week.

Anyone take on any positions here this week?


The Final Boot Camp of 2016 has been launched.

Save the date; Monday December 12th-Friday December 16th, 7PM ET.

If you’ve yet to attend a Boot Camp, this is a great time to insert yourself into a great line-up of content. As usual, we’ll spread this out over a week’s time. We’ll meet once a week for 60-90 minutes with a firm agenda for each day. Each session will be recorded and sent to you, including slides, in a downloadable format.

These Boot Camp’s have been a great opportunity for readers to get solid investing themes throughout the year. Here are the highlights of 2016:

  • Q1 Theme: GLOBAL PANIC: From the February lows I discussed buying a select List of High Yield Value Stocks ($NOBL) and utilizing covered calls ($BXM). The $NOBL went to ATH’s in March, months before the $SPX.
  • Q2 Theme: My Guide to Picking Stocks: Since my 2016 call was for the market to trend against the popular opinion, I laid out all the analysis necessary (market/sector/stock/sentiment/risk) to pick stocks in a trending market. Those methods worked fantastic this year.
  • Q3 Theme: August – Short Gold against an oil long, short Bonds, and gave out a solid list of Trump stocks including infrastructure and biotech.
  • Q4 Theme and Outline:

Session 1: A Review of My 2016 Themes and How They’ve Come to Fruition

Session 2: A Trumped Up Market- An Overview of Which Stocks Will Flourish in 2017

Session 3: A Crowded Trade Unwinding: A look at Rates, Safety and Yield.

Session 4: The 2017 Pain Trade: Inflation

Session 5: My 2017 Outlook and Predictions

We’ll also highlight dollar strength, bond market collapse, gold collapse, strength in the banks, the yield curve blowing out to 121bps, up from 70bps (unbearish), a market without crude, sectors that might benefit from Trump and sectors to buy next year that have sold off.
Click here to sign up for camp. Hope to see you there.


Per our discussion last night in After Hours with Option Addict, here’s the set-up I laid out for a day trade.

A few months ago, this stock went on a string of 7 or 8 consecutive Friday rallies. It would show strength early, give it all back on a move to days lows, then rally all the way back and take out days highs into the close.

Here’s the charts on a lower time frame.

2016-11-18_8-34-37 2016-11-18_8-35-20

This is my third trade in this stock this week. I bought December calls right at the open on Tuesday, then I bought calls expiring next week near the low yesterday. Caught a nice gap up and a fade to take out days lows – in which I put on this day trade.

Let’s see if I’m right about a rally from here.


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