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What is Trading Addicts?
Well, it’s a community of real traders, who get real results.

When you join, you’ll get to trade alongside Jeff Kohler, the man they call the Option Addict. Jeff’s earned himself an unblemished reputation in the financial community as an expert stock picker, options trader, and market timing specialist. With a Trading Addicts membership, Jeff will share with you the wealth of knowledge he’s built over 15 years in the markets, as well as trade alerts, educational videos, live chat room, private twitter feed, and much, much more.

You’ve been trading for a while now. Do you feel like you are getting it? Or do you feel that same pit in your stomach, every time you open your monthly statement, or press send in your account?

Here at Trading Addicts we eliminate the randomness and noise that goes on in your mind, and in your portfolio. We’ll show you what approaches really work in financial markets, and how to do more with less.

Jeff will teach you how to numb the anxiety you experience when trading. Through proper trade planning, money management rules, and trading psychology you’ll feel like you are becoming a market expert in your own right. At minimum, he’ll provide you with more to contribute at your next social gathering.

Not only is a monthly membership less than the amount of money you lose with other financial guru’s, but with a Trading Addicts membership, you’ll learn more about trading than you’ve learned to date. Jeff uses a unique approach to the markets as well as proprietary indicators that give him an edge in his approach. We’ll show you how to minimize risk and maximize profits. But more importantly, we’ll show you how it feels to look forward to your monthly account statements, rather than hide them from your spouse.

You might be asking yourself, will I get good trade ideas at Trading Addicts? Of course not. At Trading Addicts, you’ll get the best trade ideas.

Stop paying for financial advice that you don’t understand, trades that don’t earn, and styles that don’t fit. From now on: Gain more. Lose less. Learn tons. Have fun.

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Happy Trading,

Jeff Kohler
aka “Option Addict”


What traders say about Jeff


Jeff, I have learned more from you in a week of membership than in 6 months of active option trading and membership in Zacks, Street (Options Profits), Option Risk Management and Stock Winners. For the first time, I feel like I can actually "see" a trade without doing 9 hours of technical analysis that still leaves me undecided.

Uncle Buccs

I have watched in amazement this year as Jeff has eerily picked multiple BIG winners with pinpoint precision. But Jeff isn't just going over 'hot picks'; there is significant time spent on how he finds these trades, and how one deals with the ever changing market. I'm receiving a valuable education from one of the best, and banking coin as well. I'm really pleased with the membership.

Sean P.

Jeff, first and foremost, is clearly committed to the subscribers and their success as traders. This isn't just a service of "follow my entry into and exit from trades". This service teaches the subscribers how to look at the broader market on a daily basis and how to search for stocks that have a high probability of moving.


I started reading your blog and I realized that you not only nailed trades, you took the time to explain your thought process and reasoning. You made a lot of sense of a very (at first) confusing and intimidating method of investing. I jumped at the chance to sign up for the after hours webinar and after only two weeks I am up $10,000. (This in a relatively small IRA). I love how you explain your ideas and give me expectations of the next moves in the market. I will stay a follower until you decide to stop. Thanks again.