Join me for a 3 Day/6 Hour presentation as I lay out my 2019 Market Outlook. The sessions will be held January 16th-18th from 7pm-9pm ET. All sessions will be recorded and emailed out along with copies of Powerpoint slides.

My Annual Market Outlook Presentations have provided at times some remarkable Macro theme’s, Market Curbs and General Opportunity that I don’t provide at any other time or in any other capacity.

In this 3 Day Presentation, we will cover the following topics:

  • How the Pro’s are Positioned: Fund Flows, Cash and Rotations.
  • Why “The Map” of 2018 May Have Prevented a Crash in 2019.
  • Why We Should Be Talking About a Recession
  • Should You Go Away Or Stay and Play This Summer?
  • Why Volatility is Here to Stay.
  • Pain Trades, Sector Rotations and Top Ideas Through 2019.
  • …and Much More

These Annual Market Outlooks have become extremely popular and will help you position with confidence into 2019. Consider it your unfair advantage over other traders.

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