I love a little Friday volatility. It leaves participants feeling fear and doubt going into a weekend, and in many instances over the year it’s morphed into a pain trade of higher prices.

I think the best way to articulate my thoughts about how we closed the week is to let you listen in to a video presentation I gave earlier today, after the market abruptly sold off.

In this video I compared the week to former market rotations that have occurred since the election…addressed market speed and correlation…and talked about sentiment extremes or lack thereof.

Market dynamics are always subject to change, but I have always broken the environment down into a few simple concepts and conditions…all of which remain in tact.

Here are a list of my favorite setups going into next week

Have a great weekend!


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  • bchu12

    nailed it…

    • bchu12

      Nevermind. Looks like a miss

      • I called for a Monday gap up that would fail. It’s unfortunate that you are consistently only able to grasp a portion of the ongoing discussion or analysis I lay out. At the very least, you should follow the free AH trial. This way your comments wont always be coming from a lack of understanding.

        • bchu12

          We’ll see. You compared this to the North Korea news of this year like 10x.
          So should’ve ended much higher today, Tuesday, following the event but didn’t happen. But I’ll allow for some time this week to see if it develops.

          • You’ll allow?

          • bchu12

            Let’s just see if this plays out like the North Korea news event. So far, not so much, even if you try and stretch it

          • Post a chart of the Friday North Korea trade for me. That way you can prove you in fact know what I am talking about.

          • bchu12

            We shall see. I actually hope your bullish call turns true. Haha.

          • Figured. You don’t even know what happened on that week. If you don’t have a frame of reference, or aren’t actively participating in the discussion…these comments with no basis constantly run me in circles with you.

            Step your game up for the new year. It’s time you got more involved with this.

          • bchu12

            jesus christ. you really want me to dig weekend of the north korea event? I was just merely stating what you said. That’s why I went long.