Just an observation, as I am not overly concerned with who owns what, but I have noticed in the last few days that many have taken to the keyboard to attack the idea of higher oil.

Oil prices in the high 40’s, nobody cared. Oil prices down 10 of the last 13 days, its getting louder the lower it goes.

Again, I won’t debate all the things you’ve read about oil and where it is going. I prefer just to sit back an monitor sentiment and behavior.

This chart illustrates a relatively thin profile below. We’re on the edge right here. Naturally, a fine place to ramp up the discussions of how low oil will fall.




I haven’t bought $IWM calls since I was in high school. But I did here, because I feel its my duty.


They might try to probe the lower end of this range a bit to lure in some shorts first. If we end the day here or above, might be a decent location for a November play.

More later,



Well, the super moon last night was a lock for investors to decide to sell their stocks I was told. Struggling to understand why we’re going higher this morning.

We’re running out of October days before its time to get bullish again. It seems the volatility is gone yet again, and the ultimate pain trade here into year end is for stocks to grind out the year – which seems to be exactly what they’ll do here.

Imagine that. You had a chance to salvage a shitty year, yet you waited – totally frozen. Now you have no fast price action to chase.

I see nothing on my screens yet that I like, but I am sure that will change in an hour. Only watching $BITA, $AMBA, $GMCR for now.

I need an awesome set-up. What are you watching?

More later,



Put aside $IBB, $XBI, $LABU or $LABD. From here, focus on $CNCR.

We spoke about this ETF a bit at the NYC conference. Compare the holdings of this ETF against the $IBB. There is some relative strength in many of these names, as they have not tracked as much of the range and volatility that other instruments in this sector have had.

Of that list, here are a few of my favorite individual names I am shopping…








Congrats to the holders of $LABU. Moving forward, I am only watching these above mentioned plays in this space.



$BABA has been my portfolio STD. Like a bad case of herpes. It really causes me discomfort and an occasional itch, but I don’t want you know I have it, and definitely don’t feel like talking about it – even with loved ones.

I averaged down a couple months ago, but not until this follow though rally am I starting to see the redness and swelling die down.

I have a handful of China plays on here to sell you if you want them. Names like $SOHU, $CMCM, $SFUN, $CYOU, etc. I sold $BZUN earlier and picked up some $LITB in the $2.70’s. Was thinking about some $XNET.

Got any China plays that haven’t already been lit?


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