As of $AMZN $820 today, I picked up some puts going out the rest of the month.

Notice the uptick in $XRT today, which in relation to $AMZN has been decimated for years.

AMZNXRTAccording to experts of the internet, this trade will continue to flourish…for a company like Amazon doesn’t deal in rational ceilings or overblown expectations. As I’ve been discussing, I think it’s bottomed for awhile.

I flipped my coin today. Been long $COH, $TGT, $JWN, $LULU, and some shit stomped $SHLD and $UA against some new $AMZN poots.


I’m in deep thought over here this morning, but on the topic of blogging.

If I may, would you share with me a write up or blog I’ve done that was most memorable to you? Could be recent. Could beat any point over the years. It could be more than one if more than one comes to mind.

I’m curious as to what readers respond to the most. Market calls, trade ideas, psychology, breaking news, making fun of others, etc.

Thanks for your participation.


If things align here today, or even tomorrow, I am taking a shot against the beloved $AMZN.

If we see a market bounce here and $AMZN trades closer to $820, I’m pulling out some puts.

My $ACM idea gapped up at the open and faded, which means I have weeks until I can get an entry into this stock. Therefore, next earnings play I am watching is $JEC.

Again…if I get a gap down, I’m a buyer.


Waited all day for something mind blowing to happen. Apparently, there is nothing in this tape today to find meaning in.

Starting this week, my Trump portfolio stocks are reporting. My hopes are that they all miss, sell off, and afford me the opportunity to buy lower.

The first one on my radar is $ACM tomorrow morning. If it opens lower, I am taking a position.

I’ll discuss a few more of these after I seem how $ACM trades.


Long $LVS calls in size here.



Welp, the analysis and information floweth. Thank you.

Honestly, I write such things to see what response I get. Not so much looking for an opinion, just the number of reactions more or less. Thank you for your participation.

On to other things, but the Bitcoin mention caught a reaction too. I want to go over that idea early next week.

As for now, this dip in my Trump portfolio names looks really nice. I’m still trying to wait out earnings on them, to see what deals I can find.

Today, looking at $SBUX, $OAS, $GGB and off to sell a few Feb positions in stocks like $YUMC and $TWLO.


Take note. I absolutely love when this happens, because even though seemingly insignificant, it has mattered in the past.

I can recall the few times I have written on a topic, then been quickly engaged by some StockTwat or Tweeter Reader over an idea I’ve written on. Again, rarely does this happen, but the times it has it ended up being significant.

That quick reply I get from that crowd usually comes from a place of inexperience. To get an instant reaction means I am thinking outside of “group think.” Or it means I have triggered an emotional reaction. That’s usually where I want to be.

Day-to-day, most leave me alone to my own opinions. They either read, or don’t read…which is where I want to be. I try not to harass other people and hope I don’t get harassed in return. I like to stay in my quiet corner of the internet so to speak.

As for some of my recent online responses to a write up, here are three of my favorites.

Most recently, @*********, who jumped me for my boolish opinion on the markets back in late February last year. Which conversely, was the bottom.

CMlol(note: the above image was created to show the resemblance of Buffalo Bill, but I felt terrible and never sent the tweet. Apologies in advance.)

Remember @AlphaMatt18 who out of nowhere blew me up for wanting to buy $TWTR roughly three weeks after it’s IPO? For the love of hilarious, I can’t find the screenshot I took back in 2013.

If you remember that trade I took, it was one of my best ever. Only a few days after the comment, Twitter went on to more than double in price, as I called out here near the $TWTR IPO bottom.

In my last post about just the idea of wanting to short $AMZN, look at what @ChengizKhan had to say to me, as well as his 4 followers.

TOOMANYTWATSINAMZNIf you are in $AMZN here, this is your company. Saturated. Over-owned. These peeps are your ‘ride-or-die’ comrades as you head into the unknown.

Let that sink in for a minute.


I’m not feeling these #FANG stocks at all. Started talking about this a few weeks back, but more in the interest of buying some beaten down retail.

Now, I’m hoping for an $AMZN gap up tomorrow to possibly try a short into.

There’s so much to offer in this market when you zoom out…but near term, I just don’t like how crowded these instruments are.

FWIW, for me…it’s mainly $AMZN. The others don’t bug me as much.

On the topic of shorts, I like Bitcoin too…but I’ll talk about this in a day or two.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.



This is the stage where it’s much easier to get bucked off the market here and miss a good move. Last week I talked about the idea of hedging or reducing exposure as the 20K headline gives me anxiety.There are some names I like, but I’ve been doing less here thus far this week than normal. I like that there’s more leadership today and the Russell has some relative strength back today.I’m long NQ at 5084 and hoping we close down here at the lows of the day for this to work tomorrow.Have my eye on $PBR, $YY, $AMBA.


Dow 20,000! Congrats on a milestone month. Seems like it was only a year ago that the headlines were painted with “SELL EVERYTHING.”

Well, this has been one of my best starts to a year in my 20 year career. Not exactly 2014-ish, but a good start nonetheless.

For the year, my analysis is going to consist of the highs and lows of the crowd. I think that will end up being more effective than most anything else. The stuff I am reading lately is really starting to shift optimistic.

We will trade much higher over the course of the year, but the giddy factor should help you sway from risk-on, to risk-less-on.

Into February, I want slightly less exposure. It’s getting crowded out there.

Have a good weekend.

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