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Live Trading Room

Becoming a confident and successful trader can take years of work. Speed up your development, reduce your risk and give yourself the best shot at success with daily interaction and mentorship. This member only high performance equity and equity option trading room is hosted by Jeff Kohler – market open to market close, Monday through Friday.

  • Live online access
  • Learn how to spot & trade setups in real time
  • Market guidance every tick of the market
  • Live feedback on YOUR trades & market questions
  • Live Q&A and analysis
  • Access to other top traders

Instant Trade Alerts

Never miss a trading opportunity with instant buy/sell trade alerts. Receive notifications via:

  • Live trading room alert
  • Email
  • Twitter


Daily Market Recap Videos

In addition to education and trade alerts, a daily mid-day market report is recorded and posted daily. These extensive video reports are archived daily and cover the following:

  • Breakdown of daily and trending market conditions
  • Scans for potential trade setups
  • Review of current open positions
  • Q&A with members


Whether you are a novice or professional trader, our welcoming trader community always brings quality ideas and conversation.

As a member you’ll be able to chat with Jeff and can see what other seasoned traders and professionals are doing within the community.


We have a full library of archived content for you to download at your leisure. Our materials will give you a solid foundation of not only various trading strategies and concepts, but it will also give you a look at our own trading strategies.

As a member, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in fresh content and trading strategies. Rather than regurgitate old school methods of technical analysis that don’t work, we’ll show you how the market dynamic is changing, and the strategies we are using to adapt!

What Traders are Saying About Jeff


Jeff, I have learned more from you in a week of membership than in 6 months of active option trading and membership in Zacks, Street (Options Profits), Option Risk Management and Stock Winners. For the first time, I feel like I can actually "see" a trade without doing 9 hours of technical analysis that still leaves me undecided.

Uncle Buccs

I have watched in amazement this year as Jeff has eerily picked multiple BIG winners with pinpoint precision. But Jeff isn't just going over 'hot picks'; there is significant time spent on how he finds these trades, and how one deals with the ever changing market. I'm receiving a valuable education from one of the best, and banking coin as well. I'm really pleased with the membership.

Sean P.

Jeff, first and foremost, is clearly committed to the subscribers and their success as traders. This isn't just a service of "follow my entry into and exit from trades". This service teaches the subscribers how to look at the broader market on a daily basis and how to search for stocks that have a high probability of moving.


I started reading your blog and I realized that you not only nailed trades, you took the time to explain your thought process and reasoning. You made a lot of sense of a very (at first) confusing and intimidating method of investing. I jumped at the chance to sign up for the after hours webinar and after only two weeks I am up $10,000. (This in a relatively small IRA). I love how you explain your ideas and give me expectations of the next moves in the market. I will stay a follower until you decide to stop. Thanks again.

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